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Institute for Families has published several books and DVDs to assist children, families, friends and healthcare professionals to gain a better understanding and to cope with visual handicap conditions. To order, please contact us via e-mail: [email protected]

My Fake Eye, The Story of My Prosthesis

This book is a useful and comforting tool for the child and family who have had or will be having an eye enucleated. It clearly illustrates and provides a non-threatening explanation to help answer questions for the child and family members about the surgery and/or prosthesis.

The presentation of a three-year-old's experience with enucleation and the subsequent fitting of the prosthesis is reassuring to both the child and the family. Brian and Zack, the two children portrayed in the book who have each had an eye enucleated, are delightful, charming youngsters. As we go on their journey from diagnosis to cosmetic success, it is easy for other children to identify with them and to be comforted by their experiences.

Nearly 10,000 copies have been distributed to individuals, hospitals, and ophthalmological centers throughout the United States and abroad.  Available in Spanish.

My New Glasses for Parents and Children

This publication was written as a tool to help children and their parents adjust to the idea and the reality of wearing glasses. Accompanied by full color photographs, My New Glasses begins with important technical considerations regarding the process of fitting glasses and then continues with representative stories from parents and children about their experiences. Parents of infants and toddlers, as well as school age children and teenagers tell us, in their own words, how glasses affected them and what strategies facilitated their adjustment. Available in Spanish.

My New Eye Patch, for Parents and Children

 This book uses full color photographs and descriptions of experiences and feelings surrounding the necessity of wearing an eye patch.  Available in Spanish.

Brothers and Sisters

Growing Up with a Blind Sibling Eight brothers and sisters of blind or visually impaired children talk to us from their hearts about what it's like to grow up with a sibling with a disability. Appropriate for families and professionals.

Being Blind . . . Inspirational Stories

Six totally blind children, ages ten to eighteen, enlighten us about their lives. Appropriate for families and professionals.

Heart to Heart

Dom DeLuise hosts conversations with parents about their feelings in coping with a blind or visually impaired child. This DVD is suitable for parents in individual or group settings, and for medical and/or educational professionals.

Breaking the News

Four physicians discuss their feelings, experiences, growth, and style when conveying a serious diagnosis to patients and parents of patients. Appropriate for use in medical school curriculum and for experienced physicians of all medical disciplines.